Original Poems by Frank Roberts, Patient of Stones Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Frank Roberts
  • Mouth of Gold

    Children never think of growing old
    But most know they have a mouth of gold

    The tooth under the pillow you place at night
    Where did it go in that magic flight

    Someone was here I’m sure of that
    It surely was not Fluffy the cat

    Who left this bright coin and did not tarry
    I can only guess that it’s my good fairy

    Can’t wait for my next tooth to fall out
    I’m getting so rich I have to shout

    Frank A. Roberts 2014
  • Just Like Pulling Teeth

    We all get upset and so we whine
    To soothe our feelings lets go out to dine

    We think of wars and wish they were over
    Rearrange our lives so to live in clover

    The newspaper tells us all the bad news
    Just turn on the hose and wash away the blues

    To cut the national debt pull the
    knife from the sheath

    Sure sounds easy
    but it’s just like pulling teeth

    Frank A. Roberts 2013
  • Wasps and Bees

    Don’t you remember when I was young
    Wasps and bees I sure got stung

    Cut my finger and scraped my knees
    And hollyhock flowers made me sneeze

    Tore my pants and shirt buttons lost
    Barefoot in summer, cold hands from frost

    Penny candy is what children ate
    Never knowing our ultimate fate

    The drill goes down and I start to moan
    And big vibrations, just smell that bone

    No pain killers used in those old days
    If you don’t cry dad’s dime is all it pays

    The dentist was kind and very willing
    Alice you can mix your own filling

    Can’t eat for an hour so the silver can set
    Mom say not for awhile any candy you get

    Frank A. Roberts 2011
  • Discovery

    Inside the many dark canyons below
    No eyes can view the pain I know

    Nor heat nor cold can calm this rage
    Discomfort abounds in this hidden maze

    Those fibers have aged and crying for relief
    Delicate is the cure but not beyond belief

    By drilling and probing the nerves there corral
    Thanks to him who discovered this root canal

    Frank A. Roberts 2010
  • Feeling at Home

    He treats you like his own I know
    Even first time patients feel all aglow

    His touch is gentle his manner is mild
    A kind work for dad and praise for his child

    Your teeth to him are a radiant pearl
    More priceless than a masters mural

    He’ll help you keep them till you’re old and gray
    Call him day or night and he’s on his way

    Who is this fellow who repairs these bones
    His name by golly is Doctor Stones

    Frank A. Roberts 2009
  • Don’t Gum it Up

    I sure hope those guys don’t lose their grip
    Going to the landfill would be our last trip

    It’s taken so long to grow this far
    But we did need help to keep up to par

    The dentist too is helping a lot
    Pursuing to foil some virus plot

    Some of that food sure takes your breath away
    But spices or not it helps us to stay

    Our gums like soft bristles and massage is our delight
    So to reward your teeth we’ll hold on tight

    Our gums are tender so don’t let them shrink
    And we’ll always say we’re in the pink

    Frank A. Roberts 2009
  • Take Care

    Into my mouth goes the food that I eat
    To chew it all is quite a great feat

    I twist it and turn it and flip it around
    When all is ready to my throat it goes down

    Back and forth my teeth are ever grinding
    And after time some cavities I’m finding

    Brush hard so your teeth will be stronger
    Not forever but they will last longer

    I know from experience now that I’m old
    Just look in my mouth and see all that gold

    Frank A. Roberts Jan 2008
  • A Working Day

    Ham, eggs and coffee then head for the gate
    Gee I forgot. Brushing will have to wait

    The office routine is fast and slow
    To keep up I have to go with the flow

    My lunch is with two old school chums
    One more meal should not hurt my gums

    By afternoon my teeth are somewhat grit
    Just a few more hours and I can quit

    By suppertime my mouth feels BLAH
    But after brushing it tastes like Ahhh

    Tomorrow I won’t be in such a rush
    I’ll squeeze that tube and brush brush brush

    Frank A. Roberts 2007
  • Made Me Smile

    Alright doc gimmie five
    You brought that tooth back alive

    I choose you doc to be my knight
    Make my teeth super white

    I’ve changed my life from shy to bold
    Make that cap a brilliant gold

    My lips were closed for awhile
    Just some cleaning made me smile

    Frank A. Roberts 2006